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The DORN-METHOD – Spine-Healing on it’s
best level – Everyone should know about & use it!

– Learn it – Apply it
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The DORN Spinal Therapy Home Learning Course – Part -I-, Part -II- and Part -III-

DORN-METHOD is an easy way to resolve misalignments of the spine,
the vertebrae itself, the pelvis and the joints. Related
to the joint treatment is the correction of different leg length
possible. The DORN-METHOD was received around 40 years ago from
Dieter Dorn, a layman-healer in Germany. Since then thousands of
people have been treated very successfully and with mostly instant
results. Meanwhile thousands of people have learned the DORN-Method
for professional reason or to help their families, friends or

uses different practical applications than the “Main Stream-Medicine”.
In it’s theoretical approach, it uses simple static principles,
which have to be present in a healthy body and uses the movement
of parts of the body, which the treated person is doing for him/herself
during the therapy. This is a key-difference to normal therapy.
The person who is treated, is involved with his/her own action
and movement as part of the healing process.

This site will show some principles
about the DORN-METHOD and will help to spread this easy to use and
very effective therapy around the world. The DORN-METHOD should get
it’s acknowledgement as a favorite way of Spine-Healing Treatments
in the world. It is a method which has very
low costs involved (often the problems are within one or two
treatments resolved) but is really helping
and treat the cause of the illnesses of the people. This wonderful
therapy should be in the hands of all Healers, Physical Therapists,
Physiotherapist, Masseurs, Massagers or Medical Doctors.
In Germany it is already a standard, to treat people with the DORN-METHOD
for Back Pain and many Spinal and Pelvical Disorders.

To help that this method get it’s
place as a standard treatment in the world is my goal and the reason
creating this site.

work since more than 23 years with the DORN – METHOD. I’m a from
Dieter Dorn certfied Teacher and Practitioner. I have treated and
taught successfuly thousands of people with this method. I’m
very excited about the DORN-METHOD and I hope that from my “fire” for
it, some sparks will jump to you and set a “Fire of excitement” which
is moving around the world for this wonderful, miraculous healing

I hope to reach and to meet many
people worldwide to spread the knowledge and to help to reduce and
relief, pain and suffering in the world.

Amanté Samraj Riethausen

Health Practitioner, “DORN-Spinal-Therapy” Teacher
and Coach, Spiritual Developer

Dieter Dorn usually did it for free, but taking
donations. His work was so successful that therapists of all kind
and people who have been suffering for longtime, put their attention
on this very easy, but wonderful effective method. This site will
honour his work and contribute to the worldwide use.

The spine – connection
between brain and body

The spine with the nerve-centre (Medulla
spinalis) in it, is an important part to distribute the flowing energy
into the whole body. All organs and physical functions are controlled
from within the spine. Each vertebra is connected to a certain organ
or important for the right function of the body. A spine which is really
functioning and healthy is base of health and becoming/staying healthy.

98% of the people have over the years one or more vertebrae
which are no more in alignment and which are no more on the right position
within the spine. At these places the energy gets lost and can not be
delivered in the necessary amount to the places in the body where it
is needed. Energy blockages are created. These energy blockages can lead
to back pain. “Pain is the call for flowing energy in the body”.
When the energy is blocked then even many illnesses like headache, insomnia,
allergies, rushes, pain in the neck, dizziness, difficulty in breathing,
gall bladder problems, disturbances in the circulation, tiredness, constipation,
varicose veins, hemorrhoids and much more can develop.

The Spinal nerves leaving the spine, are
our „wires“ driving the body

If vertebrae or discs (Disci vertebralis)
are out of order, irritations or inflammations on the nerves, which are
coming out of the spine, can happen.These irritations are able to disturb
the function of the body for instance in the organs itself or in the
limbs. This can lead to various diseases or organs or limbs will be so
effected that their function will become very weak or gets lost. A spinal
nerve (nervi spinalis) getting the weight of the pressure of a cube of
sugar, can lose up to 50% of it‘s
efficiency. Through a vertebra out of alignment or a disc, a nerve can
easily be touched and being irritated. If a nerve will totally be pressured,
limbs or organs would immediately stop working.

The DORN-METHOD- a natural diagnosis and
treatment for misalignment within the spine

This from the German, Dieter DORN, located in the
Allgäu in Germany, about 36 years ago, intuitive received method,
is based to diagnose, under the help of the thumbs, the vertebrae which
are no more in alignment. Normally all Processus spinosus are in
an exact vertical alignment. The vertebrae which are out of alignment,
will be corrected in a smooth and effective way under specific movement
of the patient itself. With the light pressure of the thumb, the vertebrae
slides under movement of legs, arms or head, back to it‘s ideal
settlement. This works too with the more difficult areas as the sacrum,
the pelvis, hips or the Atlas vertebra. It is no chiropractic. The therapist
is creating a „new“ vertically spinal column, which is the
base for the right flow of energy in the body. Even tendencies of scolioses
can be treated successfully. After correcting the spine, to have real
success, it is necessary that some factors are implemented. One is the
need of even leg length and a second one is to stop being in a habit
to do something in an unhealthy way, like for instance carrying something
always on one side or overcrossing the legs while sitting.

Even leg length – the basis for a healthy

If the founding of the spine, the pelvis and the hips
are out of order, the spine can only correct this through side movements
of the vertebrae. After birth, about 98% of the people have even leg
length. But when you do a diagnosis later with people from 5 years old
on and with adults, you will find that 95% have no even leg length. The
cause for this is a subluxation of the hip joint. This happens as a cause
of over stretching ligaments and muscles in this area. This will be caused
by careless sitting, driving in the car, bad habits while sitting or
doing unappropriate sports.

Every treatment starts with a test for even leg length.
If the test fails, people get exercises at the hand, to do it for themselves
at home for a period of approximately 3 months at first. After the correction
of different leg length, shoes which are made specifically to adjust
this difference, are often not any more necessary.

Back problems and the
“Switch” in the pelvis

It has come out very clearly over the
years of practical experience with the DORN-METHOD, that the alignment
of the pelvis parts like Os sacrum and Ala ossis ilii is of central meaning,
that the spine can itself align correctly in the vertical direction.
In many cases it is like magic, what a spine can do after the right treatment
of the pelvis parts to align it’s parts correctly. Without doing anything
on the spine itself or the vertebrae, the spine adjusted itself in the
correct direction of the vertical, natural expression. The DORN-METHOD
is the only method I know which serves in this direction without manipulate
the body, only forcing him to remember where it’s ideal alignment is
situated. We can’t push the body to do something what it is not able
to do. We offer special treatment and the body does the work for itself!

98% of the people have over the years one or more vertebrae
which are no more in alignment and which are no more on the right position
within the spinal column. At these spots the energy gets lost and can
not be delivered in the necessary amount to the places in the body, where
it is needed. Energy blockages are created. These energy blockages can
lead to back pain. “Pain is the call for flowing energy in the body”.
When the energy is blocked, then even many illnesses like headache, insomnia,
allergies, rushes, pain in the neck, dizziness, difficulty in breathing,
gall bladder problems, disturbances in the circulation, tiredness, constipation,
varicose veins, hemorrhoids and much more can develop.

Do we have to repeat the treatment with
the DORN-METHOD to be successful?

Mostly after one treatment most of the
problems and pains are gone or improved. Results are to get mostly very
quickly. After treatment people feel “taller”, more free and
it seems to be lighter. Sometimes it is necessary to be out of the pain,
to let follow some treatments, this in the case of severe disorder. Normally
1 to 3 treatments do a lot and regain the original condition of the body.
It would be ideal to have 2 to 4 treatments with the DORN-METHOD a year
to take care of the right condition of the spine! It would prevent many
deseases and would help to be free of pain.

What is important to know after a treatment
with the DORN-METHOD?

Naturally the muscles have to react to the
new alignment of the vertebras. This can take a few days and has often as
attendant symptoms stiffness or sore muscles which can be felt for
a few days, mostly only 2 to 3 days. The next 2 to 3 days after treatment,
no big efforts should be made and the body should be treated with care.
Through the new use of muscles and muscles groups some feeling of soreness
can be felt. Sports, Gymnastic, Stretching and so on should be avoided,
to give the body a good chance to integrate the new alignments. Like
in Homoeopathy sometimes
symptoms can become worse at first. That is a good sign that
the body is correcting itself accordingly.

In addition through the new flow of energy in the back,
toxic deposits will be released and are moving into the bodies circulatory
system. To dilute them and to make it easy for the body to take them out
it is necessary to drink 2 to 3 liters of fresh water. This directly after
the treatment (same day) and for the next 2 to 3 days would be a good
support for the body.

What can happen in addition after a back
treatment with the DORN-METHOD?

Often on the places where the vertebras have been in misalignment
for longtime, emotional, psychological or mental blockages have been manifested.
In release the misalignments the blockages are resolved and psychical
or emotional release can be felt. With this the energy flow increases
and the healing of the treated person can move forward. So it is not uncommon
that people after the treatment ave been aware of old inner pictures,
emtions and feelings, even smells or bad tastes can be observed to come

Is it possible to harm someone
with a treatment with the DORN-METHOD?

During the last 37 years of treatment with the DORN-METHOD
nobody has been harmed. The method is working very soft and no damage of
muscles or tendons or intervertebral discs is possible.

In fact it takes two days
to learn the DORN-METHOD! Sure some training is necessary to become really
good and perfect. But even with no experience people have mostly instant

I offer classes for the DORN-METHOD in Lindau (Germany) for all
Medical Professionals like Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Massagers,
Masseurs, Health Practitioners, Natural doctors, interested Orthopedists
or even to interested laymen.

If you are an organizer or foreman of a club, a society
or an organization and you are interested and excited to help growing
this work, then please contact me preferable by e-mail. Then we can discuss
what is possible.

My name is Amanté Samraj Riethausen. I work as
Healer and Teacher since more than 29 years. The last 22 years I have
been focussed on teaching the DORN-METHOD and BREUSS-MASSAGE mostly
to Professionals like Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Masseurs,
Massagers or Health Practitioners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

My enthusiasm for this DORN – Method is very big. Receiving
so many gifts all the years in working with it, created the wish to share
this wonderful therapy with more and more people. I have been certificated
to teach the DORN – Method 19 years ago by Dieter Dorn himself. I have
trained thousands of people since then and my thankfulness goes to Dieter
Dorn while using his method, has changed my life completely and has brought
so much joy and possibility to help in my life! I for myself can’t imagine a life without the “DORN-Method”!

A great focus of my work is going to do and teach energy
work with the hands without touching the people and a deep spiritual
work, both personal and in seminars.

My joy is to travel and to teach, so I‘m open for
every opportunity to do this worldwide.

Please see the 2 Minute Introduction
Video to the “DORN Spinal Therapy” Video Home Learning Course

A new site will be opened and it could take a little bit of time that
the video is loading

Don’t hesitate to get hands on one of the world’s best spine healing

Be smart and use an over 45 years proven success method
in treating back pain , joint pain, misalignment of the spinal column
and joints

You could be a health professional, suffer back pain yourself,
or just be someone who wants to know more about how to overcome back
and joint problems.

Get nearly 3 1/2 hours of First Class Quality Video
in a Home Learning Course, using one of the best treatment methods
in the world for:

You get all the information you need about what to do, and how to
do it the easy way — step by step.

You get more than just a video. This is a complete course. You will
also receive a full set of written instructions and images in a PDF
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detailed advice on how to do it.

is what you get in the “DORN Spinal Therapy” Video Home Learning

This is something totally unique that may be
completely new to you

If you still need a professional to take care
of your back after using the “DORN Spinal Therapy” method,
you can tell them what to look for, and explain a method that is so
simple, yet works just about every time.

You can learn how easy it is to be free of
back and joint pain right NOW.

If you are a health care professional, you
will now be able to alleviate the cause of back pain with complete CONFIDENCE

This therapy has been extremely successful
in Germany since it was introduced more than 37 years ago. As consumers,
Germans are used to a high level of efficiency in everything. If something
doesn’t work Germans are just not interested. And now “DORN
Spinal Therapy” is spreading from Germany throughout the world.

You have been very lucky to stumble on an opportunity
to find out about this therapy now.  Be the first to help your clients
with this therapy and you may never have to worry about new clients
again. “The DORN Spinal Therapy”, works so well that everyone
that uses it usually spreads the word. And that’s money in your
pocket. Word of mouth advertising is the best advertising — as we all
know. You may never have to advertise again if you are the first in
your neck of the woods to use DORN Spinal Therapy.

When you buy the video you get:

You get all explained very exact and precise.
All is showed and explained in steps, so that you can follow exactly
what will be demonstrated. The author Amanté Samraj has more
than 23 years experience in educate, train and coach thousands of people
who work in the Health Care Business and with many thousand people who
are coming as layman to the seminars and go home and are able to use
this method succesfully for themself!

Amanté Samraj is offering classes
for the “DORN Spinal Therapy” worldwide for all Medical Professionals
like Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Masseurs, Massagers, Health
Practitioners, Natural doctors, interested Orthopedists or even to interested

See below some screenshots out of the
Video to get an impression on what exact level you can study the “DORN-Spinal
Therapy” out of the comfort of your home!

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the “DORN Spinal Therapy” Video
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Nearly 3.5 hours of Learning-Video
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1 PDF-file with a course script

the “DORN Spinal Therapy” Video
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Part -I-, Part -II- and Part -III-

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